Language requirements

The international applicants who want to be admitted to one of the degree programmes taught in Lithuanian must be fluent in Lithuanian or to learn Lithuanian.
Please see the catalog of study programmes

There are two ways to solve this problem:

1. After all the entrance requirements are fulfilled and international applicants are admitted and regis­tered at Vilnius University as regular students they are enrolled at the Department of Lithuanian studies for their first year of studies. After the course the international student has to pass a test of Lithuanian language of one of the three levels: Ways stage (A2), Threshold (B1) or Vantage (B2) depending at which faculty or subject area he/she has been admitted to.

2. The international students who do not need entry visa to Lithuania may enroll at the Department of Lithuanian studies without being first admitted to a degree programme. After the completion one year studies and passing exams they may apply and be accepted to any degree programme at Vilnius University according to programme requirements.

Those international applicants who already know the language may register for the language test at the same department without attending the courses. They have to submit a certificate of language proficiency. After passing the language test they immediately may start their studies at the faculty they have been admitted to.

Note: Lithuanian language requirements do not apply to Master programmes taught in English and Russian.